Monday, March 30, 2009

They can't know what lies ahead.

Since I am relatively awesome all of the time, I don't typically get all emo and cheeseball about romantic songs, especially by corny new-punk bands with goofy names. BUT...after hearing the song for the first time while watching the video, I l-o-v-e Plain White T's "1, 2, 3, 4". I was practically sobbing by the time the (adorable) video was over. Did a little tugging at my heart strings, I guess. So...there. I lost a little street cred and I don't give a flipping flapjack about it.


Yes, boys-n-ghouls, I'm kicking malted hopps and barely to the curb...during the week at least. I've got a strict beauty regimen that goes into effect 5 months before I walk down that aisle...and 5 months is creepin' up! I've always had good skin but I want to MOTHERTRUCKIN' RADIATE! So I have a plan for skin, hair, teeth, body and soul. I want to knock Todd's rented socks off (oh yes, everything but drawers come with the tux rental) when I waltz his way. So no more boozin' during the week. It'll be worth 5 months of water-n-weights when I'm toned, tuff, and taking names! We only get one set of wedding pictures. I owe it to myself.

I feel really good today. I feel good about my health-n-beauty plan. I feel good about the art show. I feel good about the wedding plans. I feel good about my relationship. Sure, I'm not stress free...because I wouldn't be me if I was...but I've got boatloads to get psyched about. I do miss my friends. I wish I could see them more often, and that's bound to happen at all the shows coming up during May Mayhem! I just want to wrap this good feeling around me for awhile. I am far superior when I'm laughing and goofing off, cruising around wrecking havok then I am when I'm down in the dumps. I'm mothertrucking 30 and...

... is good!

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