Monday, March 16, 2009

You know that I'm no good.

I wish I would have had a little tape recorder with me when I was at Phoebe's on Thursday so I could have made some "notes to self". Hilarity was spilling out of our mouths, I'll tell you that much. Besides being witty and awesome, we browsed wedding shoes, finalized bridesmaids gifts, and talked about how when I have babies, Phoebe will spend $40,000 at some rad boutique to cloth my kid. If Phoebe has 40,000 spare dollars, she and I need to chat! Regardless, it was a funny Thursday night with a funny girl and her funny dogs.

Followed by a funny bath with a funny guy. stuff. And then Carol's CD release. Todd and I were supposed to truck out there together but at dinner, he started feeling sicko. So I was solo, sugar. But when I got onto Waterloo...NO POWER! BLACKOUT! I had a beer and shot the breeze with Phoebe and Ant, listened to Carol dazzle the entertainment-hungry crowd with some accoustic gems, feel in love with Sobourbon Son and then boogied shortly after the lights came back on. I was exhausted and couldn't hack the delay. Plus, tattoo removal was making me itchy and crabby. Whatever. I'm lame.

I was going to go on about the rest of my weekend, which was a pretty bad-ass one, but fuck. The hearing in my left ear went sometime on Saturday night while I was bowling with a band of hooligans (3 strikes in the 10th frame...ALL HAIL ME) and has yet to return. Everything is fuzzy. And sometimes I have some sort of reverb. There are things I don't want to hear once yet alone twice...and more high pitched. I don't know what's going on up in that ear but irritating and obnoxious are how I will describe it. I wish I had a knitting needle to stick in there. They tend to offer relief in weird medical situations.

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