Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No, I never take it out on you.

First let me say that I love tangerine being a new wedding color in combination with pink and red. I think it's pretty awesome and I'm not even a fan of colors in the orangey hues. And tangerine is not one of my wedding colors. But I love it. And I love the word tangerine. But I hate tengerines themselves. Gross. And there you have it.

That was the nice rant. Now for not-so-nice.

I'm stressssssed and everyone can feel it from a mile away. My eating paterns are weird. My sleep is just non-existant. I'm don't feel very motivated and I feel very defeated and nervous which is NOT how I like to feel. I like to feel like I could stick my boot right up the ass of the world. I like to feel triumphant. But I've got stress right now. And I don't want to list off the variety of things that are making me down-n-out. But I WILL say that Todd is not one of my stressors. And getting married is not a stressor. I like to thing those are my rewards for hard work. 6 months to go.

I'm looking forward to this weekend for sure. Friday night, Johnny and I are compiling a list of our Top 10 Favorite Episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" and plowing through them all. Beer, junk food, pajamas, vegging. I'm going to paint during the day and sloth at night. I'm sure my sides will be splitting. More painting Saturday during the day and then...EL MUCHACHO!!! If I can scrape the funds together (money these days is for necessities and contrary to MY belief...El Muchacho doesn't fall into that category). And Sunday...BRISTOL! It has relaxing potential written all over it and THAT is what I need.

I also need stress management skills.

Believe it or not.

Oh, and...I love you Phoebe. And Tessa. And Becky.

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phoebe marie said...

and i love youuuuuuuuuu!