Thursday, March 26, 2009

Everyone's excited and confused!

I used to be of the frame of mind that I could only listen to soothing, quiet, mellow music in the morning so my head wouldn't explode or I wouldn't be overly amped for the work day. SCREW THAT! Now that only songs I want to listen to on the way to work are songs that make me go bananas and sing loudly and confuse the other drivers on the road! My current favs for the morning commute are "Cowtown" and "Man, It's So Loud In Here", both by They Might Be Giants. I've been listening to "get psyched" music every morning this week and it has flown by!! When I clock out today, it'll be the weekend!! FUCK YEAH!

And I don't have anything on my schedule (outside from a much needed haircut)!!! I am free as a bird! There is no reason why I shouldn't knock out all the paintings I started last Sunday. No reason at all! I refuse to get boring and lazy! And with Todd being all sick-o and out of excuses. I'm going to be covered in paint from head to toe by the time Sunday rolls around. Even my eyeballs! Even my ribs! Even my vag! I love having nothing on the schedule. Sure, I love shows and parties and events. But I also love staying in my pajamas all day and chilling at the Ol' Kentucky Corral!

There MIGHT be something in the works for Sunday since it's our 1 year anniversary. But whatever it is, it'll be wee and small and nothing because we're trying to financially responsible for a change. We don't want to start our married life as broke bastards. Only 177 days to go until I'm a Mrs. Holy dog shit. Incredible. And I'd like to be a Mrs. with a little money, ya know? So maybe we'll just high five and toast and pat ourselves on the back for surviving all the ups and downs for the past 365 days. Surviving the downs at least. The ups are bad ass! Regardless...we at least have to celebrate a little. We're bananas about each other and count our lucky stars all the time. Have a solid relationship and still having crushes on one another...that's a good reason to celebrate, I think.

Viva La Weekend!

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