Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I wanna stomp your face with my Keds!

I have practically nothing to say again. I'm sure you're all shocked and amazed since my mouth is usually running like a bandit. But since I don't sling wedding details here, and the wedding has become all encompassing, I just have nothing. Zip. Nada. You just wait until May! In May, I'll be rocking out and all bananas. Not only will PFG be back in action but there are plenty of shows that I'll be takin' my dancin' shoes to. You'll be able to quilt a blanket of blogs once we get to May. But for now...


The Queers are playing at Grog Shop on Thursday. I sort of wanted to go and relive my youth but no one wants to relive it with me. And I'll probably just feel old because they'll be all old. But what else am I going to do? I don't work on Friday or anything. But I can bet I won't be there. And they'll probably play "Like a Parasite". But I won't know if they did or didn't. I'll just have to make up for being old by NOT being old at Carol's CD release on Saturday.

That's right Boys-n-Ghouls! Get your asses down to the Beachland Tavern for Miss Firecracker One-Woman Band's CD release show and snag a copy of "Red, White and Boobs"! I think the show is at 9:00 and I think it's $5. And I know your mind will be blown and you'll have boat loads of fun. Simple as that. I'll be there having fun. You can hang out with me.

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