Sunday, January 31, 2010

I was planning to say I was in love with her.

I might officially be "old".

I've been running on go all weekend and oh my golly, I'm spent. Period. I think we both are. I have never been so happy to just be all cuddled in my couch nest watching America's Next Top Model (Katarzyna was robbed if you ask me). We went to Now That's Class last night and I couldn't wait to just get my snooze on. No amount of beer and socializing and rocking out could compare to watching bad television in my pajamas with my adorable husband.

Oh, and I found 2 gray hairs. Time to dye.

I plan to make up for last night's overdose of blah on my part at my birthday party next week. But I wasn't blah ALL weekend. I had a lovely...yes, I said "lovely" like an old person would...Friday with Todd. We had lunch and then hit the history and art museums. Who knew museums could make a person so frisky!?! We stopped in the Happy Dog and then hung at Panini's for awhile. We just talked and flirted and enjoyed each other. And all the goodness continued at home with ice-cream and Law and Order: SVU. I give Friday a major high-five!!

And Saturday wasn't half bad either! It got off to a slow start...probably due to my being all oldish this weekend. We hit a bar in North Royalton to drop off my NASCAR fantasy team. Say what you go fast and there are crashes! KA-BOOM! People get injured, they burst into flames, they die. This isn't happening on the baseball diamond. Then we went to Benihana where I rocked the chopsticks! We made a big decision was sweet and I'm excited. It means not going on our tropical vacation but I don't think Florida and Mexico are going anywhere.

You know...I don't think I'm old after all. I did a lot of cool stuff and felt alive. I can't just throw in the towel because I found a few gray hairs (my own fault...I haven't seen my natural color since my Sophomore year of high school, what did I expect?) and wanted to turn in early. And there's nothing wrong with getting older...most young people are total jerkoffs. I do NOT miss my early twenties AT ALL. Life is good. I'm in a good place. A happy place. I make voodoo dolls and tables out of mannequin legs for crying out loud! I LOVE MY LIFE. I just love it so much that it wears me the Hell out!

I think ice cream for breakfast is in order.

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