Monday, January 18, 2010

You say I'm giving you the creeps.

I love the term "the creeps". I want to give them to you, whatever they are. And in return, I wish someone would give ME a Big Texas Cinnamon Roll, voted best vending machine pastry for like 6 years in a row. And not by me. By actual people who judge things like that...awesome people. If I'm going to eat the current champion of vending machine snacks, I better do it now. Come Wednesday when Tessa and I throw down the gauntlet, the Big Texas Cinnamon Roll will be my enemy. Much like Gwen Stefani. How can men (actually, ANYONE for that matter) find ger attractive? She's allllllll gums and overly processed.

After about 5 seconds of pondering, I took obnoxiously tiny scissors and cut short, choppy, side-swept bangs. They're aces. I don't look even remotely Japanese. Not that that wa sa concern.

Phoebe has been feeling uninspired artistically as of late. I know that feeling very well as that's been ME since August! But the wheels are turning and I'm starting to get pumped again. I have my Alphabastards project and I've decided to start painting mannequin parts...specifically arms, legs, hands and feet. I think I might even make tables out of the legs. We'll see. I started an Etsy store (so many of my friends have been rockin' them) and will post the link once there's actually something to look at. Until I'm 100% ready to be covered in paint again, I'm going to spend my time buying supplies, getting prepared, sketching.

And speaking of sketching, I might paint something on the walls of April and D.A.B.'s baby nursery. Something creepy, of course, because she's a creepy mom...and I mean that in an AWESOME way!

And speaking of awesome, creepy moms...I was significantly late this month. This wouldn't have been a big deal at all because the plan was to try in April anyway. There's no difference between now and then, besides our pending tropical vacation. But I was stunned by how disappointed I felt. I guess after so many days went by without a single cramp or elevated nastiness, I just decided I was making a monster. There was a tiny glimmer of excitement but I know I'll be pumped again when the time is right.

I hate the song "Crazy Train". Off topic, I know. But it's horrible.

Kalahari this weekend. Something to look forward to.

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phoebe marie said...

as long as ms. brandt gallery doesn't eject me for my spazziness, i think the show is back on. ryan had this awesome idea and i think it just may work. AND i would hate to disappoint my art fans. not ONLY are the lovely donny and sadie flying in for the occasion, but so are some other folks as well... ticket purchased. flights booked. all with time left SPECIFICALLY to arrive in time for the show.
what kind of creep would i be if i let down my fans?! i ask you this!