Saturday, January 09, 2010

Lose ourselves in us and ignore.

I won't download the new AFI album. I can not!  I can't!!! I WON'T!

But I will. Because I'm me.

So I guess I've been missing in inaction, with inaction being the key word. This whole insomnia and chronic fatigue mess is really beating my brain-n-body to pulp. I've been sort of existing in this inbetween which is just not a good place to be. I came home from work one day after being exhausted to the point of tears. Todd had a couch nest built for me, rented us movies, ordered Chinese food, and even went and got my favorite pillow (we'd been separated for a week...unheard of). It would've been really easy for him to tell me and my exhaustion-fueled irritability to fuck off. He took care of me instead.

And last night, I slept GREAT!

Life is hard. Stressful. For everyone, I know. You have to take time out to have SOME fun, no matter what mess you're buried under at the time. We had Zombie Movie Night last night and have Taco Party Game Night planned for today. We're tightening our belts for awhile. It's the grown up thing to do. But there has to be a balance. We can't save every penny and sit home every day and have zero social life...that could drive a person bananas. And not the good, fun kind of bananas. So I'm glad that even though we're sticking close to home, we're still having some fun...alone or with friends. So as far as stress goes...we can handle it.

And as a footnote...and yes, I know I've brought this up plenty..., we've had a BLAST doing our new photo blog. Sometimes he has the camera. Sometimes I have it. Sometimes we end up with HORRIBLE photos and sometimes we do backflips over them. It's been so much fun to look back over ONE WEEK. I can't wait to look back at ONE YEAR! I was shocked that Todd was as into it as he is. He's more on top of it that I am! It's awesome to have a hobby together. It's awesome to just have some awesomeness in the midst of all the insanity of liiiiiife.

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