Monday, January 25, 2010

Carrying a head full of evil thoughts.

It's a fact: I have poor decision making skills. I can go back and forth and back and forth eleventy billion times and still not make a decision. OR...I'll make a decision and be utterly miserable with it. OR...I'll make a decision and change my mind 10 minutes later. Sometimes my lackluster decision making skills bring me to tears.

And it's ALWAYS over something stupid. I think the last time I felt this indecisive was when we had free tickets to Monsters game. Part of me really want to stay home and part of me wanted to go. I went and was a total sourpuss the entire time. Regardless, I'm having a hard time making a decision and wish someone would make it for me.

A or B. Pick one.

And this isn't like Sophie's Choice so don't sweat it.

1 comment:

phoebe marie said...

i choose B.

as in:

A comes with way less good stuff.