Thursday, January 21, 2010

I was so excited but she was undecided.

OH MY GOLLY! RAD NEWS! Kings Of Nuthin' are releasing their first full length album since "Fight Songs..." early this year!! And do you know what this meeeeeans??? THEY'RE GOING TO TOUR! Finally! The last time I saw them, I had third degree burns on both of my feet and was on crutches. THAT is how much I love them! Top 5 favorite bands! I will see them as many times as possible. WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!

Thanks Stephanie. Kenny Loggins is on repeat in my brain.

Carrying on...

Tessa, Sharon and I went to our assessment last night and it was rad. It has been established and written on paper that I have an overly high sense of self-esteem. I'm such a clown. I was told that I have a tiny frame so I can't carry a lot of extra weight (and I don't want to). But my body fat percentage was reasonable and my measurements weren't anything shocking (I have an abnormally small waist and big breeding hips...I've known this since puberty).

So my goal is to lose 10 to 15 pounds and probably around 8 inches, upon suggestion of the trainers. This is beyond doable within the 3 month program. But I'm going to get a membership for maintainance. I'm counting on this to help with the EBV and CFS. I know this works. I know I like how I look and feel while I'm participating. And we ALL know I like tight pants! First workout at 7:00am tomorrow!

Then we're off to Kalahari!!

I've owed this birthday present to my step-son since JUNE. But there was the art show, then the wedding, then Todd got laid off, then the holidays...a slew of obstacles never made it possible. Well our room is booked, the plans are set, and we're hitting the dusty trail tomorrow...with my new board shorts in tow. So cute. I hear this place blows minds so I know the kids will have a blast...and the hubby and I could stand to blow town for a bit. We're big fans of hotels and umbrella drinks. This weekend's pics on STALK MY LIFE should be pretty snazzy.


Stay tuned.

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