Sunday, January 24, 2010

Steal a car. Hijack a plane.

I'm beat, head to toe, so just let me say this:

1. I had my first workout on Friday morning. I woke up late so with teeth and hair unbrushed and deoderant skipped over, I went and I busted my ass. I was dripping sweat and felt every muscle group I had going bananas. I'm sure I didn't make a lot of friends because you could smell how hard I was working. I know, I'm gross. I felt so good...and a little nauseated...after I left. I did it. I went to my first workout and as I've said, I think getting started was the hardest part. Tomorrow I start my regular workout schedule...3 hardcore days a week at the gym, 3 more aerobic days a week here, and one day of rest, not to mention my (our) eating habits are getting a makeover tomorrow. I'm going to enjoy every pie of that piece of apple pie that's waiting for me!

2. Kalahari was AMAZING.  We got on the road early and were blown away the second we pulled in the parking lot! You should have seen my eyes fall out in the lobby! It was a really amazing place. Our room was beyond awesome and the park? Hot dog. We made the most of every second, stopping only for a quick dinner. And it was NOT just fun for the kiddies...we had a blast. Todd and I spent time in the wave pool, on water slides, in the lazy river (I got a workout pulling him around in an intertube for 4 laps)...and let's be honest...we spent some serious time at the swim up bar and in the outdoor hot tub (you can see pics at STALK MY LIFE). It was as good for us and it was for the youngsters. And I WAS dubbed the best step-mom EVER. The only downfall? Todd's wedding ring was temporarily lost in the wavepool!!! Luckily, there are some good people left in the world and the band was been returned to its rightful finger. We saw some horrific tattoos and nasty bikinis, but overall...we can't WAIT to go back and next time, we are totally renting a cabana! Oh banana mudslide, how I will long for you!

3. birthday party is in 2 weeks and I'm stoked. Luckily there's a lot to occupy my mind. Of  course, there's working out. And Friday I'm off so Todd asked me to have a museum and natural history. Saturday we'll go to Benihana and rock the chopsticks and then hit Now That's Class for Miss Firecracker One-Woman Band. Followed by more working out and prepping the domain for some utter destruction. I DO love my birthday. It is a major event in my mind! It'll be here before we know it. And what else? I beat Todd at hoops...gotta document that for posterity. Oh, and I have an e-mail to write. Gotta get on that. I guess that's all for now.

Time to rest my vessel. Ouuuuuch.

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Bob Ignizio said...

Glad to hear you guys had a good time, and that the ring was recovered. Looking forward to the birthday bash!