Friday, January 15, 2010

There's nothing else for me to do.

I'm currently coasting. And coasting is fine by me. Life hasn't been utterly mind-blowing but it hasn't been down-right rotten either. Budgets are in order, plans have been made, fun is being had, and life is being lived. I guess that's really all there is to say right now. Short and sweet.

Things To Look Forward To...

5 days until Tessa and I start our 3 month workout progam.
7 days until family time @ Kalahari.
12 days until our tropical vacation gets booked.
15 days until Japanese birthday dinner & Miss Firecracker show.
22 days until my birthday parrrrrrtay.
23 days until my 31st birthday.
30 days until Valentine's Day.
46 days until Phoebe's art opening & our date w/ Donny and Sadie.
47 days until Phoebe's wedding reception awesomeness.
73 days until our 2 year anniversary (of dating).
89 days until Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.
100 days until we leave for vacation.
168 days until Heavey Rebel.


Miss Cleveland 1979 said...


phoebe marie said...

i hate to inform you that, in the 46 days category, my art show should be removed. i cancelled it.
LUCKILY, i did not cancel your date with donny and sadie. so you still have something good to look forward to that day.

jk said...

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