Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You feel it running through your bones.

Tessa and I are taking advantage of Cuyahoga County's offer of 3 free months to Curves or the YMCA and we're starting this week. I looooooved Curves. Right off the bat, my stomach flattened out and I had noticeable definition in my arms and calves. Having a workout buddy will make it ten times better. Tessa makes me laugh and we are dedicated to motivating each other. And the thing I love about Curves (besides no brainless beach bunnies) is that you can really track your progress. That's what I need. I need proof that things are working. The first weigh in and measurement asessment might be uncomfortable because you feel flawed. But the second ROCKS because there is progress right there on paper...and in the mirror! I'm very excited about kicking off a healthier lifestyle.

I'll track my progress here every 6 weeks. More motivation not to embarrass myself. I'm not a person who has ever relaly been at odds with their body. But I KNOW I can look better and I KNOW I can feel better and I just have to get back in the swing. I'd like a flatter stomach again. I'd like muscle definition again. I would like to wear a teeny bikini and short shorts on our tropical vacation (in 103 days). I can do this. So can Tessa. So can Todd...who is currently at home doing crunches and such. And aside from the vanity, I need to get some quality sleep and I need to tune up this vessel if I want to get my eggo preggo after vayvay (all of that sounded disgusting, I know).

So here we go. Baby steps towards amping the awesomeness.

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