Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hello FEBRUARY! Month of my BIRTHDAY! Month of my Birthday BASH! And month that many mamas shot people I love out of their junk...especially Becky, Hot Trash Erin, Grimm and Erin R. Yep. I just talked about yo mama's junk on my blizzog. Whatchu know 'bout that? BWAHAHA, sorry. I just wanted to try out being a white trash thug. Doesn't work for me. Anyway, please don't beat me up. I love you guys AND yo mamas.


After 1 week of working out, I've lost 4% of my body fat! Sure, I was up a pound but they said I'm gaining muscle (it can also be water weight). But the drop in body fat has me jazzed. I'm anxious to see what the scale and omron have to say this Friday. I've been soda free for a week and don't miss it a bit, I'm trying to make friends with water (zombies bless you, Crystal Light), and our fridge is stocked full of healthy goodness. Kate Moss says nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. I believe you can have both. I also believe if I karate chopped her in the back she'd shatter like glass.

We're no longer going on our tropical vacation. INSTEAD...we're going to Disney World! One of my happy places! The day the kiddo gets out of school, we're hightailing it to Florida of fun. We could've gone on a cruise and spent a bunch of money and chowed down on a bunch of food and it would've been great. But he's only going to be little once. Now's the time to take a family trip and I know we'll have a bl-l-l-ast. I'm going to ride the Haunted Mansion rides until my head spins! An additional plus to switching gears...if my eggo gets preggo by June, Disney World is something I can still do and be happy. I can't imagine being a happy camper on a swaying boat when I can't take any meds and can't drink. I would've been a bummer.

Not in Disney World!

And Todd got a job! TODAY! The pay isn't exactly what he hopped for but at this time, in this economy, a job is a job. It takes a lot of pressure off of me being the only provider. Sure, he's getting unemployment but it's not the same. It's almost laughable. I'm still appreciative of it...but it wasn't the same. And sitting at home day in and day out can get to a person. It'll be good for him to be out and about and being occupied will help with his weight loss goals, too. I needed this pick me up. My day didn't start off too well...bank fuck up and NO SLEEP due to painfully dry skin keeping me up all night, clawing away like a horror flick.

So there you have it. I'll be 31 on Sunday and life is good.

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