Friday, February 19, 2010

I nearly died for you!

Our wedding was 5 months ago today. Heart-Go-Throb!

Speaking of throbbing, my stomach and intestines aren't so much anymore. I only tossed once yesterday and I think that's because I tried to eat cake. Genius move on my part. While my insides are no longer exploding to the outside, I'm still feeling flu-y in the sense that I'm dragging like a zombie. Hopefully I'm on the mend because I miss seeing sights outside of our bed (it's far less sexy when there's a garbage can next to my side in case I get the urge to purge) and for crying out loud, I want to work out!

Have you seen "Whip It"? There's a song playing as Bliss walks through the party at Hot Tub Johnny's that I can not get out of my head. Not the song she plays on the record player but the song as she walks TO the record player. The part is instrumental though I can't say for certain that the whole song is. There's defintiely some brass in there...trumpets. I need to know what song it is. That 10 seconds of song makes me really happy, like the beginning of "Twiggy Twiggy" by Pizzacato Five.

Golly, it feels good to blather.

I'm looking forward to the new Alice In Wonderland flick coming out next month. Tim Burton has yet to let me down in our 20+ years together. I'm thinking of getting a T.B. tribute tattoo...but not of his face. I don't need MORE nightmares. And speaking of movies I'm looking forward to (from a few sentences back)...when does "The Runaways" come out? It got good nods at Sundance. Joan Jett is so deliciously disgusting, I can't wait. But I'll have to sneak my own Sno-Caps as most theaters aren't carrying them anymore. Lame.

OK, for the second time I edited my rant about the breast feeding billboard by my house. I don't feel like getting into a big debate with anyone. Bottom line: I hate the billboard. If you want to breastfeed, have breastfed, are currently breastfeeding as you read this, cool. But I still hate the billboard.

The end.

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