Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I ask myself, "What could you do?".

Trapped in Sick City! SEND HELP!

Yesterday I was sore from the shoulders up and the hips down. I thought maybe I was getting sick or I was still dehydrated from this weekend's festivities. I went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday and Todd's first day at his new job and felt pretty solid. Aching but solid. NOT the same case when I woke up this morning.

Todd was already gone when I rolled out of bed and thank goodness for that because it was a sorry display. My head is pounding and my throat is froggy but those are just flukes! This seems to be a flu/virus/nuisance of the stomach variety. Yeah...it's not a pretty picture to paint. The symptoms are somewhat gruesome. I could try and be clever but I won't...I feel like I've been hit by a bus.

All I want to do is put on pajamas, curl up in our bed, and watch Zombieland and Whip It (recent birthday gifts to me from me) while I whimper quietly. I have the chills which is irritating. And I'm sweating which makes it worse. Per usual, I wouldn't mind punching babies or kicking dogs.I'm pretty sure the Alien is about to burst forth from my mid-section. Balls.

119 days until Disney World. My reason not to die of Flu.

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