Friday, February 12, 2010

Can you describe what it's like?

Forgive me for going all bitchy ballistic but I've been tossing my cookies and aching in places I didn't even know could ache for THREE DAYS NOW and I want some flipping relief! My getting sick has been fewer and further between but when I get it, I GET IT and now someone's GONNA GET IT!  Innocent bystandards, I apologize in advance if you get caught in my windmill of rage. I'm dropping 'bows and getting all Ninja. Or I would be if I could HOLD ME OWN HEAD UP!

Yeah, I've stopped exploding top to bottom (eeeeeeeew) but now I'm dealing with the aftermath...I'm aching, I'm exhausted, I'm weak, and I'm afraid to eat anything but mashed potatos since Todd makes them so smoothe that they just sliiiiide right back up. Throwing up pizza is NOT awesome...ouch. I'm grouchy. And for the inquiring minds who are dying for me to get preggo, there is no bun in this oven unless we've got a Rosemary's Baby situation on our hands. This thing...whatever it fighting it's way out anyway it can.

Only awesome thing I did since I've been sick? Put the deposit down on our Disney World vacation and booked all of the restaurants. They said if you want to eat at any of the nice sit down joints, you betetr book 180 days in advance and they weren't kidding! Ah, my happy place. Is it June yet???

Tonight: Whip It, Zombieland, blanket-n-pillow.

Moving on, now that I've been the BIGGEST baby...

Valentine's Day is this weekend and I don't care what all the tuff guys out there say, I like Valentine's Day. I like flowers. I like getting cards and I like GIVING cards. I don't NEED a special day to tell the people I love that I love them...but why not? It's not going to hurt. And we're going to do Valentine's Day OUR way...we're going to sleep in, eat a bunch of yummy food at P.F. Chang's, drink Szechuan Mary's and ginger beer, and go see the remake of The Wolfman. Spicy and terrifying, just the way Valentine's Day SHOULD be.

Santo Chevelle Gansert

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