Friday, February 26, 2010

Dude better ease on up!

Dear Snow:

Drop dead immediately, if not sooner.


P.S. Take that little light in my car that allerts me to the fact that I'm sliding with you. I KNOW when I'm sliding, you stupid, bright orange, son-of-a-bitch.

On a lighter note, my weigh-in and measurement went well and I can't WAIT for next month's results. I dropped 1.05 pounds of body fat but my actual weight went UP 1 pound. This almost made me flip my lid but they said that means I've gained 2 pounds of pure muscle! You better believe I'm flexing at this very moment. I cooled down after the explaination and the rest was gravy.

In the inches department, I lost "everywhere a woman wants to lose". I'm down 2.75" in my abs, 2.75" in my HIPS (!!!), and .5" in my bust, which is a really nice way of saying "back fat". The girl measuring me kept saying she hated me because I'm now a perfect hourglass. It stroked my ego a little bit, if you want me to be honest. Todd was really proud. I'm proud. Now I just have to use my new muscle to burn more fat and drop lbs!

Had a nice dinner with Todd. Shot the breeze. Cursed the impending blizzard. Planned some of our "Chill Weekend" which is SUPPOSED to include a trip to Now That's Class tonight but at this moment, I can't see it happening. Once you're home and comfy and chilling together, it's hard to get motivated to go back out in the cold. And I'll be honest, I'm just not a fan of Now That's Class. But I AM a fan of our friends. I guess we'll see if Todd overturns his executive decision of "we're staying home" once we get done opening our joint checking account.

We're PRACTICALLY adults. Practically.

Hey snow...plan a murder/suicide with "Fireflies" by Owl City. OK?

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Camevil said...

Suh-weet results! You've attained what us floggers refer to as "NSVs" Non Scale Victories. Inches and muscle matter so much more than what the dirty scale says. Congrats!