Monday, March 01, 2010

I think I'm getting good but I can handle criticism.

Finally got my hair done did and I'm doing backflips. Even got me some "peek-a-boo" highlights in this caramel color (had to get "peek-a-boo" because the upkeep on the up top would be too much for moi seeing as it took me a year to even hit the beauty parlor). I felt like a new person when I left that place. It's amazing what a new haircut can do for you. I feel about 5% less gross...every little bit helps. Thanks Christy!

We'll be in Disney World in 99 days. Holy moo cow!

Yeah, I'm not very exciting today. It was a really mellow weekend so my brain is nice and mushy. Besides the much needed haircut, we watched a lot of movies, clocked a lot of couch hours. We did cook a big turkey dinner and had Joe-n-Sharon (version 2.0) over to watch the race. We have a hot dinner date with them this weekend. It's nice to have our date buddies back minus the drahma (I added the "h" to make it extra drahmahtic). I'm anxiously awaitng an e-mail with what commoners call "The Scoop".

Before I bore myself to death, I'll exit...stage right.

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phoebe marie said...

thumbs up on the hair. and more thumbs up on the J-n-Sv2.0! i need extra thumbs.

ps... rocko in my basement didn't last nearly long enough. but it's set to repeat again some afternoon in the near future, i'm told.

pps... the word verification this morning is "weevagi". thought you'd like that.