Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I wasn't looking but somehow you found me.

You know what's nice about having Todd for a husband? He does things like plan to surprise me with tickets to see Lady Gaga AND accompany me to said show which would no doubt turn his brain to gelatinous mush...as he is not as entertained by "Mister Gaga" as I am.

You know what's nice about having me as a wife? The fact that I'll take my 14 year old neice to the show instead of Todd so he doesn't throw himself in front of a bus. It was the thought that counted and this way, I get to go to the show and he still gets to seem sweet.

"Little Pink Houses" is a TERRIBLE song. Just horrible.

I got some quality sleep last night so I feel far less feisty. But I don't think it was just me who was riled up. Something was going around leaving everyone exhausted and on edge. Ruffling someone's feathers was an easy task to accomplish yesterday. I'm going to blame it on these weathery mood swings. Hopefully a shift is coming...both in temperatures and attitudes.

Oh, and I am SICK of hearing about all this health care mumbo jumbo. Everyone I know is split right down the middle. As a person who is sick 75% of the time, I embrace health care, I do. But I am just tired of hearing about it...and tired is one thing I don't need to be. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so. Am I fully informed about the issue?  Probably not. I'm just honest about not being politically minded.

I like fun stuff. Talk to me about that.

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