Wednesday, March 03, 2010

This is why I don't mind you doubting.

I think I might want to start playing the bass again. I loved playing "Last Caress" and "Gas Chamber" (the only song we played at our sole Buddy Hollycaust practice). Or maybe I'll take up the drums once Todd gets them set up in the Rock-a-Hula basement. I don't know why I'm trying to encorporate more hobbies into my life when I have the art show shtuff to get rolling on.

As you know, loyal readers, the song "Major Tom" by Peter Schilling sometimes brings me to tears. Well, the beginning to "Kids In America" is very similar to "Major Tom" and when I hear the beginning to "Kids In America", I automatically THINK it's "Major Tom" and tears begin welling immediately. I'm like one of Pavlov's dogs! Sorry Kim Wilde, your jam has to go!

Someone left the new strawberry/peanut butter M&M's on my desk and it's all I can do to keep from smashing them with my ineffectual fists. Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

I'm thinking it's time to move. I love our house, I do. I love the neighborhood, I love the basement, I love all /the awesome memories associated with the digs. But it's getting a wee bit cramped for 2 adults, 2 big mutts, and a growing boy who seems to be eating his weight in food daily. Dr. Nightmare, attorney-at-law? That big potato never leaves her corner. But when we add some spawn to our clan in the not-too-distant future...well, I hear they tend to grow and take up space.

Does anyone remember "Dynomints"? I WANT SOME!



erin said...

moving? i wants!

phoebe marie said...

BUY MY HOUSE! it's perrrrrfect for you. ;)