Tuesday, March 09, 2010

We all know what she wants. Just one thing.

My bad attitude has been rearranged.

I reminded myself yesterday of all the springy goodness that will take place ones the temperature rises. Though I couldn't see it at the time of my mini-freak out, Todd told me the sun was a-shinin'. Then I re-made my list of things I will do once spring has sprung and I was smiling again.

I won't lie. The theme from "The Letter People" helped.

"Triops Has Three Eyes" ALWAYS helps.

AND I'M FEELING BETTER! Not 100% but improved.

This weekend is going to be stellar so that has my mood perked as well. Friday night is Phoebe's art show opening at Brandt Gallery and that can NOT be missed ! Hopefully we're hitting dinner somewhere awesome before or after with out pals from Utah (they are NOT Mormon so I let it slide). Saturday afternoon is Phoebe and Ryan's wedding reception jam and lots of pals from near and far will be there...even my folks!...so it's going to be a GREAT time, no doubt!

Life is good, per usual, now that I'm done being an uber-spazz.

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