Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All men have secrets and here is mine.

2 years ago yesterday, Todd and I thumb-wrestled for a date.

2 years ago today, we had that date...and that sleepover.

I was rough around the edges from the St. Patrick's Day Massacre at The Sac (SO FUN) and pretty dead set on staying in bed for the rest of my life. But after a string of adorable texts (hooray for technology), I agreed to go to The Jigsaw to see some bands that I can't remember at this moment. After 5 minutes, I leaned into Megbo and said, "I think I like this guy".

I remember he said I smelled like fruit (I did...peaches...Tom Schulien says men like when girls smell like food). Hot Trash and Potsie (they sound like real bad ass jerks in a biker gang when they're actually too cute for words) said watching us was like watching a romantic comedy. He followed me home and the rest is history. Despite a few rocky spots, we're still retarded for each other. I lurve you, Weasel.

I had to think good thoughts to erase the horrors of yesterday.

Yesterday started off sucko and ended super sucko. If it wasn't for my husband making me a weiner-shaped cookie (and letting me destroy said cookie with my bare hands), staying up past his bed time so I could watch TV, and keeping my achey body in his clutches so I could fall asleep, I probably would've punched a baby and kicked a dog.

Work was basically a tornado. I had annoying computer issues and then I got some stupid phone calls harrassing me about a debt I paid off 2 years ago. Morons. Then on the way to work out, I got nauseated and dizzy. I almost felt car sick. I was peeling off clothes so I didn't over heat and rolling all the windows down. I got it together and decided to drive home instead of pumping iron...and got a flat tire right in the midst of all the Presidential visit traffic!!! And guess what? My spare was flat.

I know these are all little things and I shoudl shut my rambling mouth but they were little and annoying and added up. From what I can tell, a lot of people would like to erase yesterday from the calendars. But they all woke up bright eyes and bushy tailed, ready for a fresh start. I woke up still feeling surly and ready to punch-n-kick buildings. Bad attitude over here.

Life doesn't stop for bad days so...

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