Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let me hear your body talk.

Kitties-n-Ponies-n-Rainbows-n-Mushiness ALERT!

My husband was waiting for me in my work parking lot as I pulled in this morning. He was waiting to give me a hug and a kiss to start my day. I needed it after having a dream that my friend's dog was attacked by another dog and I had to tend to his bloody wounds as he was wincing. Nightmares can really shove a person's day in a totally effed up direction. Affection from a dude who loves your stupid ass can set this right again. Thank sweet zombie Jesus.

I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness!

Yeah, I worked out harder than I ever have last night. My body is purring. I'm getting stronger, that much I know for sure. I love working out with my gal pals but I feel like I push it just a little harder when I'm alone. Most likely because I'm not running my mouth. We're broads. We chit chat. When they're not there, I have no one to talk to so I just push, push, push. I was proud of myself yesterday. I felt it head to toe, H-to-T.

A big congrats to Tessa who lost a boatload of inches and pounds and body fat after last night's weigh-in!!! I hope that I have a fraction of the good news that she got at my own weigh-in tonight. And multiple high-fives to Sharon who also shed inches and pounds. I'm so happy for you gals and am like a proud mama that we all stuck to it through the first month. Now that you've seen results, the next 2 months will be a easy as cake, a piece of pie, or whatever! Of course now I want cake and pie...DAMN ME!

When I meet my goal, I'm buying myself gray Classic Cardi Uggs. Mmmmm.

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