Monday, February 15, 2010

No, it's not like any other love.

I'm going to mark this Valentine's Day weekend a success regardless of the fact that my wallet is currently trying to commit suicide. I keep trying to coax it off the ledge but there will be no reasoning with it until Wednesday when it feels full again. Sorry wallet but the spending was worth it for a change.

Main reasons why the weekend deserves a super hard, super high high five? I got to spend some one-on-one time with my broads Phoebe and Carol. Phoebe and I were all over the map on Saturday, getting gourmet cupcakes, donuts, blind box toys and talking trash. I haven't spend ANY worthwhile time with her since the wedding. It was nice to just cruise around and be goofy. She doesn't care if I'm unwashed and ridiculous. It was a solid afternoon that could have developed into a solid evening if I didn't have a family function (which was also pretty rad).

Tom and Carol were our Valentine's Day dates yesterday. Two more dates and we might get lucky! We went to PF Changs and drank ginger beer (no bun in the oven this month...but we only JUST decided to try) and stuffed ourselves silly...while talking trash. Must be the theme of the weekend. Went to see The Wolfman which I loved more than anyone else, I guess. It made me jump and it made me get excitedly creeped out. There was plenty of (blood) red for the holiday! I missed those guys. Pictures will be up on STALKING MY LIFE later today.

And who got a copy of New Moon for their birthday? THIS GUY!

So our first Valentine's Day as married people was aces. But now that V-Day is over, there isn't a whole lot to look forward to which makes my week crawl along. The holidays are over, my birthday festivities are over, not much going on until summer, really, besides the show and screening of "Jesus County Fair" at Now That's Class in a few weeks. Vacationing in June. Oh! The Painted Ladies of NE Ohio Arts & Oddities Show is at the end of July...I need to start investing some time in that! Voo-Doo dolls aren't going to make themselves!

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