Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stocking magazines, turning 5s into quarters.

Happy Birthday to my saucy minx of a "little sister", Jenny Penny! The big 22! I hope you get some rad ass gifts (though that fancy rock on your ring finger is certainly gift enough, am I right?) and get so drunk that you pass out and/or puke in and/or outside of a car. I know drunken car rides coupled with cookie tossing is your thing. It let's you know that you had a damn good time! But this isn't about your drunken regurg. It's about the fact that you're 22 and I love and miss you! So...HAPPY FLIPPIN' BIRTHDAY, baby!

There is a Battle Royale going on in my stomach. Ugh.

Working 4-10s has been difficult to adjust to, I'll tell you what. But man oh man, am I looking forward to my day off manana. I'm going to send the man-of-the-house off to work, pile back in bed, fall asleep watching cheesey chick flicks, get up whenever the eff I feel like it, shave my stems/wax/shower/groom, maybe go see a movie, maybe work on Karen and Rocko's paintings...pretty much be an effing bum and I've never been so psyched. My body and my mind are SPENT! My body has been tossing it's cookies and my mind is next. So I'm going to sloth it up. HARDCORE. I declare myself responsibility free tomorrow! YEEHAW! Though maybe I should go downtown and pay my water/sewer bill. Hmmmm.

Uh oh. My stomach may be rejecting the Zinger I just ate. FROWN!

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