Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A mission for me and me only!

I love fireworks. I'm not really sure why but I love them, especially the really big and full ones that seem to explode outward and drip down. They are especially perty when they are silver or gold, which they usually are. We saw some fireworks over the weekend when we went to Night Under Fire at the racetrack and I was pumped. I haven't been feeling well so I wasn't really psyched to drive all that way and be outside but it turned out to be a really great night. I am too tired to use any fancy adjectives. I'm sorry.

And there's something right there...I am EXHAUSTED to the point of hot tears! It first started out as genuine lack of sleep since I was glancing at the clock every hour and tossing-n-turning like mad. Now it's morphed into sleeping all the time and still not having enough energy to function during the day. It's been a few weeks since I stopped drinking during the week (to be honest, I've only really had a few PERIOD since then), I lost a few pounds, I stopped eating late at night...I thought I'd feel BETTER! I feel like a slug. Getting out of bed this morning was a total ordeal. Blech.

As I've previously stated, bad things are happening to good people all around me. I want them all to know I'm thinking about them and I'm in their corner and I'm giving the "thumbs up" or high fiving or whatever they need. I don't know what else to say. All of their individual situations suck majorly and suddenly my problems seem pretty small (still driving ME bananas, but they are miniscule in comparison). I hope the tides turn for everyone soon. And I hope I'm there serving you umbrella drinks and appetizers when they do. Love all your guts.

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