Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tell me that you'll wait for me.

You know who's pretty? Pretty as a picture? Pretty as a button? Phoebe Marie Nelson. She's just about as perty as a strawberry. Or a slice of cheesecake. Just deliciously beautiful, even after ditching her trademark bright-red locks. And you know what else? She's just so damn talented! All her Munnys and Dunnys and cut-n-paste artwork and Shrinky Dink necklaces of weaponary and poisons. Yep. That girl is oozing talent and creativity out of every pore. Beautiful and talented. Am I going on and on about how delightful Phoebe is because she recently subscribed to this here blog? Perhaps. But that doesn't make the above rant any less true! Phoebe is TITS and you should feel lucky just to have her throw up in the same room as you. There. I said it. Have a lovely day, Phee-Bizzle.

Did anyone else notice that it's hoodie weather? WEE!

Super soon, and I mean SOON, it will be the start of my fun-n-fan-fucking-tastic four day weekend and I am so super psyched that my boobs feel engourged! My dance card if FULL for the next four days! Tonight I have to pack for our roadtrip and get all the good grooming out of the way...wax, shave, mani/pedi, chick stuff. Tomorrow I have some shopping and banking to do, an appointment with Anna Banana to whiten the skunky stripe (we'll get to white in time...I know it!), a pit-stip to the Shoe Lanes, and then...*GASP*...we are GHOSTS! When we get back on Sunday, I'll have time to max-n-chillax before going to see "a singing, dancing, pantless bunny" and Erin's beeeeeeeautiful face at Now That's Class. Yes, I said it. Now That's Class. The Monday, the day that pats me on the back for all my laboring, begins my hermitism for the rest of the year. I will clean the spare bedroom. I will spackle nail holes in my room. I will spend no money. I will drink n0 beer. I will stick to my guns. What a weekend!

Enjoy your clambakes and sock hops, party people!


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