Thursday, August 21, 2008

Light up a cigarette. Take it to bed.

When I get home...immidiately when I get home...I am going to wash my face in ice-cold water, put on the most comfortable pair of pajama pants I own, pour a tall glass of grape juice, pop in Family Guy or some other mind-numbing cartoon and take some Advil PMs. No. Make sweet LOVE to some Advil PMs. I don't want to eat, or think, or function like an adult. All I want to do is fight my heavy eyelids as I giggle hysterically until I pass out. Then I want to wake up every so often and feel the warm-n-fuzzy feeling that Advil PMs give, roll over into a new position in the pillows, and drift away again. So if you're planning on having some sort of crisis or I'm your "in case of emergency" person, I will fail you today because I will be in an indefinite coma.

Thank you and good night. Literally.

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