Monday, August 11, 2008

I'd rather be sick of you.

I'm going to give Mother Nature a much deserved high five because she certainly has blessed up with some beautiful days lately and I am going to lap up every last scrap of good weather. It's been light hoodie weather which does NOT make me want to kick the world in the tenders! Are you tossing your cookies due to my waxing poetic about my good mood? Yeah, I'm in a good fucking mood and if you want to whip one out and piss all over it, you can try, but you'll fail. I'm laughing everything off!

I've been feeling sort of edgey and prickily for the past few weeks. No energy, no appetite, no ability to keep ANYTHING in my stomach, no will do to much but sloth. My physical nastiness put me in automatic attack mode. I was not pleasant in the least but people were putting up with me. High fives, y'all. Then Saturday morning, I woke up feeling like a new person, but still being the same awesome me. A million bucks! And since my body is feeling better (and slightly smaller), I'm focusing on my brain and keeping things chill up there.

I decided this last night...I've always been a relatively "don't give a fuck, just want to have fun" gal with a few mushy spots here and there reserved for stupid girlish emotions. And that's how I want to live right now. So I'm going to! And I already feel all Tony the Tiger and shtuff. I've been flirting with Todd all morning like we just met. I kicked back with Potsie (and Switchblade) last night and had beers/cocktails, discussing the bright future ahead for PFG. Problems get fixed! Nothing is unsolveable! I should enjoy my days-n-nights. I should rock the fuck out...and I will. According to Jen, Rock-n-Roll Lacey is back and she's ready to F.S.S.U.

I whispered filthiness to Valeria Golino in my dream last night.

The Heptanes show is Saturday and the Pussyfoot Girls are struttin' as a 3-piece. I keep calling us a 3-piece combo, eventhough it makes us sound like pieces of chicken. I'd like to be the breast. Ba-GAWK! Anyway, we're very sad to see Queen La Tata go but that little chickie has to spread her wings and fly. She's got a life! She's got other goals and amibtions! The 3 of us are still ready to wear those short shorts and tight tops and get goofy for a little while longer. Hopefully she'll be in the crowd cheering us on. Oh...did I mention THE HEPTANES??? I better bring extra panties. Struttin' Cocks and Lords of the Highway will blow your minds, too, there.

I have a date tonight. I was promised a lot of kissing. And beer!

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