Thursday, July 10, 2008

Let's liven up this crazy crowd!

I have just now at this VERY second made a discovery that will change my life least awhile. And it won't mean anything to any of you and it may seem foolish to get so pumped over something so small. But the small somethings are all I can really count on. Think I'm being melodramatic? Not at all. It's just that due to people's selfishness over the past few weeks, I've started questioning everyone and everything. The big things I thought I could count on are in limbo. My once precious ability to just jump right in has taken a hike. As Counter Clockweyes would say, "My get-up-and-go must have got-up-and-gone out the door...and on it's way". But this is not about Counter Clockweyes or certain people's bad behavior.

It's about Hungry Jack Potato Pancake mix.

When I was in college, I would make these as often as possible. And I made them perfectly. I turned people on to potato pancakes who had zero to no interest. I would have worn a bikini made of them. And then what happens in the vast expanse of greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio? THEY DISAPPEAR! Empty shelves are far as they eye can see. I haven't had a Hungry Jack potato pancake since 2003! 2003, Becky! Do you hear this??? And today I finally get motivated enough to search for theie existence and location...SANDUSKY! Hungry Jack wants me to drive to SANDUSKY to fill the void these pancakes have caused!

But alas...there is an alternative solution!

Hungry Jack WILL, in fact, ship me 12 boxes for a totally reasonable price. I pretty much had a much-needed orgasm when I made this discovery. It's the best thing to happen to me all day short of having a sort-of fashionable hair day. I know it's early but I don't have much hope for today being a hum-dinger or anything. Yesterday was also sort of a let down, eventhough I was assured I wouldn't BE let down...outside of the fact that Potsie and Christina (and their dance to "Shout! Shout! Knock Yourself Out!") are amazing, hilarious and adorable AND...


And it was a boy just like I said it would be! I'm just knowing things left-n-right regarding pregnancy these days. Sure, I can't get Nolan a pink cardigan but I can get him something equally as rad ass. I probably shouldn't say "rad ass" regarding a baby, should I? He can take it. He's a MAY for crying out loud. Regardless...Nolan Lucky May joined the pack yesterday and that foxy mama is doing well after 22 hours of labor and a C-Section! HOT DAMN! All my congratulations and love and sloppy kisses and bear hugs go out to The Mays. Hopefully there will be no more fish sticks and flip flops for Jen! My first close friend to a have a baby. I'm super psyched. And Jessica's due date is right around the corner. YEEHAW!

I really don't feel like shutting up. Even if someone SHOULD shut me up! And even if some people WANT to shut me up. I'm just not in the mood to zip this lip. But what WILL I talk about??? I know what I COULD talk about, but I won't. Knowing you have the power and ability to destroy and annihilate is incredible. I kind of get that fetish now where people build the miniature cities and then stomp on them. At least a little of it has to do with power. And I've got some. Overall, I think I am a nice and fairly decent person. But sometimes fair and decent people get fed up...they have limits. And then...they poison the well.

And now I'm DONE! Hot-cha-cha!

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