Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bad ideas. They are a dime a dozen.

My eyeballs feel so slick that I think they might roll right out of my face, on to the filthy floor, out the door and on their waaaaaay. I'm exhausted so my peepers are watery and glistening. It's only mid-summer and I'm flat-out beat. Every weekend from now until September 12th is FULL UP and occupied. Not a second to spare for anything less than an emergency. And any second I have to spare...is spent sleeping or at least thinking/dreaming about sleeping. My body and my brain are taking a hardcore beating from all of this activity so things have got to change! Don't get me wrong...everything on my dance card is F-U-N. It's not like I have to attend funerals or slaughter house tours from now til autumn. It's all fun which makes me even more exhausted.

Next up on our list...I should say OUR because everything I'M doing, TODD is doing as well and he is equally as beat...is the Dragway 42 Rock-n-Race. Now I'm super psyched and pumped about this weeknd, don't get me wrong. Todd and I are going to cruise out there Friday night to see the bands, keep the drinks light, "love on each other when we get thristy", and camp out...just the two of us. After a short return home so I can transform into the powerful Patti Cake, we'll be back for more bands, more beer, the lovely Pussyfoot Girls, and camping with all of our peeps (including BENNNNNNNN!!!!). Sunday...whaddaya know? More bands!! And then serious hibernation! Even if just over night. I plan on going into a Snuggle-Coma. It'll be a blast and a half but I'm crashing just thinking about it!

And after Rock-n-Race, no more beer on weekdays! Todd and I decided this last night. We need to eat better, drink less, get more sleep, get in shape, blah blah blah, blather. No beer during the week is our first step towards shaping up for our future. We're stock piling now. There was also some discussion about walking every night. I don't mind working out but I'll be honest...I haven't in WEEKS! I got so stressed out and worn out that I just gave up. That's lame. I try not to give up. So I need to start over. And walking together every night (in addition to the "Tom Shoe-Lane Kicks My Ass" workout plan) will be fun. I like doing anything with Todd. Maybe not pooping. I think that's a solo project.

Last, but certainly not least, starting September 12th, expect to see Todd and I way less. We're putting life on hold, so to speak, during autumn and winter. If you are dim and didn't get the picture from my ranting and raving above...WE'RE BEAT! We need a break. So we're "becoming little hermits"...hibernating, so to speak. I don't remember if it was him or if it was me...but we were on the couch crabbing about what busy bees we are, and one of us said, "Can we just do nothing all winter?". It was him. I agreed WHOLE HEARTEDLY. We decided to pump the start date up to autumn and there you have it. Laying low, doing less (not NOTHING but way less), staying home, saving money, good stuff. GOD...I can't wait. But for now...

7/18 to 7/20: Dragway 42 Rock-n-Race
7/25 to 7/27: EMPTY...for now.
8/1: Rancid show in Detroit.
8/2: Night Under Fire @ Summit.
8/9: Family function...would take too long to explain.
8/16: Jump In The Sac w/ The Pussyfoot Girls.
8/22: Tractor Pull thing-a-majig.
8/23-8/24: Niagara Falls.
8/29-8/31: EMPTY...for now.
9/6: Journey, Heart, and Cheap Trick @ Blossom.

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