Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Your head is aching. I'll make it better.

Do you ever have one of those days where you straddle the line between bursting into tears and ripping someone's heart out Indiana Jones style? It's early but that is how I feel today. Something is brewing and I think it may be lethal for all those around me. Toxic. Poisonous. Growth-stunting. I wish I would run into everyone I loathe on the street today because I'm fairly certain I could destroy or at least injure them fairly quickly and with minimal effort...but then I might cry about it since there's that looming tear-jearky feeling. I wouldn't cry over ALL the people I would like to annihilate...unless they were tears of pure joy.

So, whatever. I woke up in a weird mood today and I'm not enjoying it one bit! There is absolutely NO REASON why I should feel so cranky and bitter. I came home after work to find a handsome boyfriend and the welded skeleton of a "Best Back Seat" trophy. I was instructed to take a nap (which I hap-hap-happily did) and woke up to a handsome boyfriend cooking TACOS! He didn't even mind when I used all of the cheese!! We watched cartoons and he told me that he loves my laugh, that it melts his heart and does something to his soul...probably molests it. But how sweet was that? I love hearing things like that...and if my laugh does his heart-n-soul good, we're all set cause I'm a laughing machine! And I went to bed at a descent hour all snuggled up in the tentacles of the man I love...while STILL watching cartoons.


It could be good, ol' PMS. My always anticipated visit from Aunt Flo is right around the corner. But the thing is...ugh, my body is so confusing. I've never, ever, never, had PMS or sore jugs or anything like that then last month POW! It felt like someone was using my tater-melons (that's a new one I was blessed with) for punching bags. They hurt so flipping much that I was actually concerned there was a mini-human being growing where I don't need one to grow right now. Not the case. Bleeding not breeding. But still! Suddenly, at the ripe age of 29, I'm getting the symptoms I should have adjusted to at puberty? Life is cruel. Mother Nature can shove a sword up her vag.

But if it's not THAT, what is it? Like I said, there is no reason for me to be glum or gloomy or looking for a pile of dirt to kick or a skull to stomp on. My relationship was been fan-fucking-tastic for the past 2 weeks. No bumps, no bruises, no snags. We're crazy bananas in love and our future looks mega-bright. Everything is rad with my pals and I'm looking forward to spending quality drinking time with them this weekend at the Dragway. Speaking of that...I had so much fun at PFG practice last week that I can't WAIT for tonight! I think our set has some major potential and I think this show is going to be a blast and a half. I feel like I'm growing much closer to Potsie and Christina and that's bad ass. We're like a little army. A saucy, little, tail-shakin' army! And my family...alwalys good stuff. Besides the average amount of stress I'm experiencing...I dunno. There's just no reason for this 'tude.

I just need to lay low today. Hide out.

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