Monday, July 21, 2008

Like a road, you're somewhere to go.

Where has the summer gone? Straight to my liver, that's where! It's half over already and I wonder how much of it I've spent with a headace. Today starts mine and Todd's "no drinking on the weekdays" kick and I'm pumped. Beer is nothing but empty, pointless calories (that taste like little slivers of Heaven) and I am DETERMINED to get F-I-T. I have my workout plan, I'm going to eat better, and hopefully my mental health will benefit. Not that I'm going nutty or psycho or any other adjectice to describe mental illness in a negative way. But I am experiencing some mental exhaustion and I don't need it. I've been weeding out the clutter in my house to make room for impending I just need to weed the clutter from my brain.

OH! SNAP! Who won the Best Trophy trophy at the Rock-n-Race??

OH! SNAP! "If You Leave Me Now" is playing on the radio!!

Yeah, so, the pickins were slim as far as the trophies went so maybe the win wasn't as satisfying as if we had competed against 20 trophies and won. But everyone who saw the trophy gushed over it and had nothing but nice things to say about our efforts. In my mind, I engineered it, Todd manufactured it, then we both benched it. We're a team and it was for sure a team effort. The fact that I said I was building this trophy and with his help, was able to follow through to completion...I feel perfectly fine about taking the trophy home. In a weird way, this trophy is the first thing that is "ours". We'll have to pick a bad ass spot for it when he moves in.

Big step. Super psyched.

Besides the contest win, it was by FAR the BEST Rock-n-Race EVER! Oh Coffin Daggers? MIND BLOWING! A big thanks to Jim for having the Pussyfoot Girls back for the third year in a row. I really feel like we were on our game in a big way. I hope we did him proud and are invited back next year. And BEN??? And ROCKO??? And Karen tossing her cookies and still looking super glam? And my new favorite picture with Todd's hand in my waistband? All good. So good. The nice gents at PBR hooked me UP with a new tank top and a sweet new ringer and THEN, great catch that I am, I caught another of my favorite ringers AND a PBR Zippo!!! I HEART SWAG! Major. And I heart my friends, my boyfriend, the Pussyfoot Girls. PFG fans, most of the bands that performed, my long distance pals that were present, Jim and Michelle Murphy (yes, my friends, but they deserve a special shout out today) and over all, I LOVE the Dragway 42 Rock-n-Race. Hopefully, I can get pictures up sooooooon!


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