Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tell me now who you think I am.

Heavy Rebel is over for another year, le sigh. Sadly, it was not the BEST Heavy Rebel ever. I was in a weird mind-set, I guess. Friday was pretty much a complete bust, minus the always awesome and talented Pete Yorko One Man Band. And the beginning half of Saturday wasn't all that amazing and vag-quaking either. But Saturday night...I did it up, Heavy Rebel style! I got drunk, I rocked out, I bought swag AND FINALLY kissed someone in a jail cell!!! Not a RANDOM someone, silly! It was good stuff. We left early Sunday morning and that was that. Heavy Rebel was over for another year. I know what things I'll do differently next year to assure it goes back to being the way it should be. And I'm not saying I didn't have a great time...I DID! Just not as mind-blowing as it usually is, which is disappointing. But I have zero regrets. IN BEER WE TRUST, HEAVY REBEL OR BUST!

Jen May is having a baby RIGHT NOW! My heart is POUNDING!!!

So I might be taking a big, BIG leap soon! The leap had been sort of joked about and tossed around previously but now it's really being dissected and discussed hardcore. There's sort of a chain of command...once THIS happens, then THAT will happen and once THAT happens, I'll do THIS and once I do THIS, we will do THAT! It's really fucking exciting and terrifying at the same time. My heart has been majorly beat-up, raped, abused, and pretty much all but murdered. There was attempted murder but I survived. I spend so much time surviving. I just want to LIVE now, and that's what I'm doing. Livin'. Anyway...stay tuned for more updates on my leaping. Just know that the conversations of the past few days have been legendary and I'm super psyched, which is the way I want to be. The way I DESERVE to be. Maybe I have a shot at Happily Ever After after all!

Had a hot date last night!! Got all dolled up and hit the down for a yummy dinner and tablecloth sketching (I drew a skunk). There was supposed to be making out on a park bench somewhere after but Mother Nature was in a foul mood and had other plans. So we curled up couch-style and watched Cloverfield which was a waste of money and time. But together time is always good. Watching a mini-marathon of Family Guy in bed is good, too. As is eating ice-cream in bed. In fact...besides the fact that my outside gas line is leaking and I have to get a plumber out to my house for all kinds of work...yesterday was a really good day. I'm still on an emo rollercoaster due to events of the past few weeks but it's slowing down. The hills are few and far between these days. The words "I believe in us" kinda set the pace. Pretty soon I hope to be off this crazy ride and just coasting. I believe in THAT!

Alright...I've been waiting since 10:30pm for Baby May! ARGH!!!

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