Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I knew that it was now or never!

The following entry has been rated R by me...and I am the only person who can rate my own life. Children, pregnant people, assholes, and the elderly should probably just shut this page now and save themselves the potential exposure to smut. You've been warned, suckahs.


I just wrote all kinds of repulsive, sloppy, slutty details about my misadventures with the fiancee last night but I had to erase them. As the kids would say, it was just TMI. I love you all and don't want my night time (and middle of the night time) extra-curriculars to make you throw up on whatever is nearest to your mouth. Just know that my toes are still curled, he thinks I'm a "foxy sexy love monger", and we're totally hardcore crushing...AGAIN!

I feel filthy. The good kind of filthy. Our hanky panky smutty stuff is always good, don't get me wrong. That is one area where no matter what else is going on, we clickity click! But there was something about last night. I can't quite peg it and I don't think he could either. And even better than the ACTUAL activities...was waking up 2:00am still rip-roarin' and ready to ravage and then listening to songs on the radio, laughing hysterically! It was a BLAST!

A 3 day weekend (4 for little ol' me) of just him and me and whatever the f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fudge we want to do! My heart is breakdancing in anticipation of the laws we might break together over the next span of days. We can't stop thinking about each other today! I just got a text with the word "boner" in it. Tell me this isn't high school????


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