Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You get the picture!

I just had some Sugar Babies for the first time in probably 23 years and my teeth are screaming! These things are pure...sugar! I'm going to be jacked up for the rest of the day. I already feel twitchy and cr-r-r-r-racked out. My Weasel had a dentist appointment the other day and while there, he made an appointment for me! You may not think that's romantic but I do. I'm all about dental hygeine and I want these chompers to be pearly white on wedding day. Exam, cleaning, whitening...BOOKED!

Marie sent me a message/comment saying we should have a date to see "New Moon as new wives". Adorable. I'm so there. I'm supposed to get hooked up with both the "Twilight" and "New Moon" books tomorrow...need to be prepared for the big premier in November (did I mention that Todd hid my "Twilight" DVD? Mean, mean man). I can't believe I have PLANS in November already. My life is just go go go!

Tonight I think I'm supposed to go go go to yoga. But I'm not. It DID make me sleep like a lion (they sleep 20 hours a day) and for that reason, I WILL go back. But today, I'm tired, I have stabbing abdominal pains for some wacky reason (they seem to be going around), and I really just feel like chillaxing with Todd. The odds of my getting him to go to yoga are slim to none. I'm thinking a drink, some food, maybe some Netflix. I could stand to get out of the house for awhile, I'll tell you that much. The weekend ahead sees me house bound and covered in paint. But it also sees us at Sasquatch and the Sickabillies! YEEEEEHAW!

So what else?

My arm is bleeding. That is not normal. And I can SMELL the blood. Maybe I'm a VAMPIRE! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Now I'm just rambling. I'll blame it on the Sugar Babies. On a side note, I would like to say the following things:

1. Phoebe, please cheer up. if I have a depressed non-wife, people will start to suspect non-spousal abuse. Turn your frown upside down.

2. Lisa, it was good to talk to you for 5 seconds the other day. I REALLY hope you and Ben make it to the wedding. I miss you. My fingers-n-toes are crossed.

3. Carol, I can't wait to hang out on Saturday! It's in HUGE letters on my calendar! I just want to see your smiling face and Tom's bald head.

Thank you and GOOD NIGHT!

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Camevil said...

Just thinking about eating Sugar Babies makes me imagine grit in my teeth. *shudders*