Thursday, July 09, 2009

I'll do almost anything that you want me to.

Yoga. I survived it.

And survived is not me exaggerating in any way. It was MUCH harder than when I've used my yoga videos at home (and had the option of slacking). My entire body, head to toe was worked out and today, I'm happy to report that I'm having a hard time slouching. My ruff posture was brought to my attention yesterday...but if I stood at my full (almost) 5'8" boobs would knock your lights out or puncture your heart. Depending on YOUR height. What's to say?

I think I am a little jaded in a way. I don't buy into all the incense and chanting and new age babble so it was hard for me not to laugh at times. And when I was supposed to be emptying my mind...I wasn't. I think it will probably get easier for me to clear my mind and focus when I learn more of the poses and improve my form. My eyeballs were all over the room to make sure I was doing thins correctly. Yeah...Phoebe, Lisa and I were the tattooed black sheep of yoga. But I expected nothing else.

Some of the poses/movements/whatever, I was really good at. Like I said, I'm flexible. But on the other hand...I have zero-to-no balance. And when you have no balance and are clumsy like me, things can get sketchy. Though I am not the person who feel on their butt during a simple squat (and THAT is why I love you). But with my balance and weird backward bending legs were a-shakin'. But it will get better. I can go to 10 more classes before the wedding and that can only help in my body improvement efforts. So despite the mumbo jumbo and little things that I struggled was worth it. I could have seen myself bailing on it but I didn't. star for me. And Phoebe. And Lisa.

And I slept solidly for the first time in a long time, just like the instructor said I would. And while my body doesn't feel sore, it does feel different. Like I said, I'm having a hard time rocking the sunken emo posture today. In the middle of the night, Todd gave my back and belly a rub down which added to the whole relaxation effort. I could stand to relax. I'm holding 8+ months of wedding planning stress. That's probably why I slouch.

OH! And speaking of that whole relaxing one point during some goofball part where you lay on the ground with your eyes closed, breathing (as if you had a choice), the instructor came around and she rubbed behind my ears and my forehead (she didn't it to everyone...I wasn't special, or molested). I felt sooooo relaxed at the moment and also very emotional for whatever reason. That was my emo moment while others decided to get emo during the whole "ooooooooooooooom" moment. That was the moment I got cynical again.

So yoga. Looks like I'll be going back next week.

By the wedding, I'll be 6'2" and unstoppable!

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Camevil said...

I tried doing yoga once with my niece to a program that was on FitTV. It was hilarious because the girls were filmed in erotic ways, and I was looking less than erotic. I don't know if I'll ever keep a straight face. So, kudos to you for trying again!

Oh, and take your vitamin D-3 every day and add some core exercises. I have an ugly slouch and want to prevent it from getting worse as I get older. Nip that in the bud now, girlie!