Thursday, July 23, 2009

I color your world blue!

Tessa offered to sing me a song since I'm still not feeling well. She sang me "Sleep" by Lagwagon. It made me very, very happy. Not only happy because I think that is one of the sweetest songs on the planet, but because she offered to sing it to me. Even if that meant e-mailing me the lyrics since my ear hurts. Thank you, Onion Head.

So as you gathered above, I'm still sick. Suck-o.

But my mood has improved somehow. I may have let stress bubble over which lead to yelling and being yelled at but I think that was healthy...cause I feel extra light now. And we're going to my parents' to stuff wedding invitations tomorrow so that is mega-exciting. And I talked to Little Jen yesterday about her baby shower and her belly and just hearing her voice made me feel fizzy and light! All those things combined have me feeling slightly more solid, even if it still feels like there's a ritual sacrifice lead by hyenas taking place in my ear.

In one day...ONE day...I finished 100 pages of a book, read an ENTIRE book (I think it was 560-ish pages) and got to page 287 in another. I forgot how much I LOVE reading. Reading things OTHER than trashy celeb gossip magazines, which I also love. And you can make fun of me since I was reading the "Twilight" series but I don't care. Screw you. I love to read. I love books. How they look and smell and feel. I love how I feel when I'm reading. If I wasn't dead set on getting "HIGH FIVE" on my knuckles, "BOOK WORM" would be good, too...but I AM dead set.

My ear hurt so badly on Tuesday that television was was sleeping. So I read. And when I finished "New Moon", Todd and Aiden hustled out and nabbed me "Eclipse" which is by FAR my favorite. That made Todd happy to hear. I can't wait to finish it and move on to "Breaking Dawn". But then what will I do?? Without the Cullens?? Sigh. I guess it's back to celebrity autobiographies. I hate you, Anthony Kiedis. Any suggestions?

My weekend is jam-packed which has my head a-spinnin'. Painting tonight to make up for NOT painting on Saturday since I've committed myself to an entire day of friends, bands and bowling. Back-tracking to Friday...picking up invites, dress fitting, envelope stuffing pizza party. Plus painting. Gotta squeeze that in.

Then Saturday, as I said, is the Bowl-a-Rama thingamajig that I've been psyched about. Horror of 59s last show and a special performance from Slack Jawed Yokels!!! Plus plenty of others bands I'm pumped to see. Still haven't see the Lords since Sugar left and Jimbo joined. I'm mostly pumped to hang with pals. And nothing is better than a bowling alley grilled cheese!

Sunday is all about painting...AFTER I do Finger Lickin' Strip Tease and reprise my roll as the trailer park bride for the "Jesus County Fair" DVD. I can't WAIT for that sucker to come out! I have such an odd life and know such odd people. ROCK! I guess I could sit home and knit scarves or something but I'd much rather do a strip tease in a chicken suit for a DVD filled with my friends being lunatics...or hang out at a local bowling alley with a local car club and my local rock-n-rolly pals being bananas!

Outside of pooling blood in my ear, La vita รจ buona!

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