Thursday, July 30, 2009

And when I could, I gave strength to you.

This is it. Tonight starts my last weekend before the art show. No more excuses. No more procrastination. Anything new I want to do, anything I need to finish, any edges, any touch ups. This is the final lap before the goods get delivered to Low Life next Wednesday...and then are up for grabs to the masses from August 7th to the 30th. And I'm prepared. I know what I have to do. I'm focused. I need to load up on any last minute supplies and WORK. Todd has already been instructed to feed and water me. I am ready.

Except that I'm not.

Because I'm sick.

I just have to suck it up and push through it. I know this. Believe me, right before "PAINT EDGES" and "DO TOUCH UPS" on my list are "SUCK IT UP" and "PUSH THROUGH IT". Whenever I start feeling especially emotional (yes, I've had odd emotions during this illness) or the pain intensifies, I find that singing "Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla" to myself helps.

Sure, it doesn't get rid of that knot in my chest and it doesn't make my barking cough go away and it doesn't help me sleep peacefully through the night, waking up refreshed...but somehow, it helps. It makes me feel like me...which I don't right now because of the fucking sicks.

I have to miss Road Rash Bash in order to get ready for the art show (in addition to not wanting to spread the germs around). Carol is being comforting reassurring me that a lot of our usual pals are missing out this year. But already I missed Heavy Rebel, too. And I might miss Mark The Shark's party at Sugar's. I even missed Nolan's 1st birthday because I've been up to my ears in SHTUFF! Yes "shtuff" is being checked off the ist every day. Still...ugh...I'm starting to have emotions again.

Whew! I could say that, but I don't have to. Cause I got pronouns, I can say, "HE found a kangaroo that followed HIM home and now IT is HIS". You see, (uh) HE, HIM, and HIS are pronouns replacing the noun Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla, a very proper noun. And IT is a pronoun, replacing the noun, kangaroooooooooo! (How common!)

I feel better already!

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