Monday, July 27, 2009

Now my bad dream is my best friend.

Phoebe and I...

Interruption! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHEE-BIZZLE!! I love you!

...were talking about how dreams are not predictions of the future. Rather, they are your brain's way of working things out from your life. Randomly, I had been having weird wedding dreams, mainly about things not being done on time. Todd had one, too, Wednesday night. He didn't put his mohawk up and we never got the marriage license. But that all makes sense because there are 54 days until the wedding and so much left to do. I'll give you those dreams, brain.

But what is my brain trying to work out when I have a way too realistic dream...I guess you could call it a dream...where I was really trying to enjoy my sleep because once Todd and I become vampires, we won't sleep anymore...? What is my brain working out THEN? I'm sure it all came about because I had been reading "Breaking Dawn" before bed but it was just too real. "I wonder if I'll miss sleeping when we're vampires. I really love sleeping. Maybe I won't even notice. Edward and Bella bone alot since Bella was changed, and I can handle that. But sleeping...I hope I don't miss it, too much. I better snuggle up closer on Todd". Bizarre. No more books before bed. I'm cutting myself off.

I'm feeling better, to all who have wondered. I have new symptoms...sneezing, coughing, gooey nastiness attempting to escape from my lungs. But it's all gravy compared to the ear horrors of last week. Thanks to everyone who checked up on me.

Wedding is getting close. Art show is even closer. This weekend, I saw a bunch of pals I haven't seen in a while since I've been a hermit. A lot of them told me how pumped they are for both events. I expect people to be into the wedding food, open bar, me in a CHURCH, hilarious hijinx. But it meant so much more that people are rallying for the art show. It's my baby, after all. I didn't really get anything done this weekend...shame on me. But that doesn't mean I didn't have fun. Hell, I bowled a strike while Slack Jawed Yokels were playing on the LANES! It doesn't get much better than that. And as a side friends and my life are pretty rad. These people know how to have FUN. I'd fight a tiger for almost every one of those crazy bananas.

Someone I've never met before told Todd that I looked like a brunette Gwen Stefani (Todd said I was far superior). I'm lucky I didn't slack my throat open with the closest pointy object! That girl is all gums. But was important to Todd that I meet some important people in his life this weekend...I did...and they liked me! What's not to like? Regardless, it's always nice to be liked.

Again, let me say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHOEBE! xoxoxo

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