Monday, July 13, 2009

Now it's up to me...what will be.

I can not wrap my mind around the fact that "She's Gone" is NOT on Hall and Oates Greatest Hits! Who was in charge of picking the jams for this compilation? It's unacceptable. And it's even MORE unacceptable that I've had this disc for YEARS and just noticed the omission now. I shouldn't even be allowed to call myself a fan. But I will cause who are YOU to tell me what to do?? You're probably the person who forgot to put "She's Gone" on the list! Case closed.


I painted all weekend. Every free second I had, I was parked at my station and buckled! It was the most focused I have been since the show got booked. I finished a painting I had started last week ("Bride of Frankenberry") and did nine more. That's right...NINE (one that Todd titled "Carrot Orgy"). And I've got to say...they're pretty rad and I'm proud of myself. Being PROUD of myself is a new feeling. I need to ride this wave for awhile. And even better than ME being proud, is making other people proud. Like Todd, who loves when I paint. And like Carol, who said, "I'm really proud of how hard you're working to get your show together. U r inspiring me". Made me blush a little. I like the warm and fuzzies I've had lately.

But there are only 3 available weeks/weekends left which would normally make me panic. Yes, I work best under pressure so I know that I'll come out on top. But since I've been so productive the past 2 weeks, I just have to convince myself that I'll meet my goal. I've lowered my goal but I still feel it's solid...50 small to large paintings and 20 of the Teeny Tiny collection w/ mini easels. Now if by some chance I meet my original goal (60/30), it will be a bonus. I can do this. "Cannibalicious!" is going to be great. Thanks to all my pals for being encouraging and awesome. Oh, and thanks in advance for buying paintings. You're GRRRRRREAT!


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