Wednesday, October 01, 2008

You'll never get another fix.

"Blather, kill, rot, kill, die, die. Die! Die! Die!"

The above, verbally heavy sentence was brought to you by my mood, which was hopefully brought to you by my forthcoming period. I say "hopefully" because with the luck I've had recently, well, fingers-n-toes-n-eyes are crossed that nothing (or no one) is growing where it shouldn't be! But like I said, with the luck I've had recently...rot.

My mood can only be labled as "suck-o". I haven't slept a good night's sleep in weeks now. Even with the assistance of sleeping pills. And speaking of sleeping pills, this little bastard does NOT want to leave my system! Since I shuffled into the can this morning, I've been asleep with my eyes opened. I feel drugged, which I guess I am. But should I still feel like a non-action slug almost 19 hours later?? Was that pill meant to enduce a COMA?! Doing things zombie-style leads to many mistakes. Many mistakes lead to today feeling like "Groundhog's Day". I'm irritable. A bright yellow catalog on my desk is taunting me. I may set it on fire. I may set YOU on fire.

Oh money? Yeah, totally at odds with that stupid shit.

The Halloween Spooktacular opens at Low Life Gallery on Waterloo (by The Beachland Ballroom and Shopparooni) this Friday. The pre-Halloween party is from 6-10p. I have one piece in it that is tentatively called "Girl With Wasted Life Eats Own Stomach With Disastrous Results". I'm sure it's not the most mind-blowing thing you'll even see but I didn't paint it to be artsy. I painted it to make myself laugh. And I did. Case closed. Hope to see some of your smiling faces on Friday but if you're too cool for art show receptions, the show runs through November 2nd. I only have one piece in the show so I'm sure no one will die if they don't see it. I pretyy much guarantee they won't.

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