Thursday, October 23, 2008

Try to earn what lovers own.

I went on this date a few years ago and I declared it the best date I'd ever been. It was everything that a date SHOULD be. Nothing romantic. Nothing fancy. Just hell-rainsing and hysterics. And adorable hair-dos! I dated a different man for 3 years after that date (why Phoebe didn't kick me in the vagina with her boots and STOP ME from dating said "man", I will never know...could be the thick skull and stars in my eyes) and that date still held the title. It was still THEE best date I had ever been on.


I went on THEE best date of my entire life last night. I shouldn't have been running amuck and dating at ALL in my sickly condition...and yes, the date WAS with my boyfriend but is there a LAW that says you can't go on dates with your boyfriend? I had a miserable, pathetic, raincloud hovering over my head all day. This raincloud was on the rag, major. And I was being a total hot crotch, I know this. But I took the high road and decided to turn my day around. There was only ONE THING I wanted to do and Todd was completely on board.

We went to Dave and Buster's!

I thought that we were going to have a child companion but it turned out to be just the future Mr. and Mrs. so we got to crank the rating up from G to PG-13. And when I say everything was perfect...everything WAS. This is NOT an exaggeration. The drive there was boss. The walk in was boss. Filling our cards up was boss. Walking in was boss. We had big, frosty, delicious Happy Hour priced beers. We both did these ridiculously delish shots. Our appetizer fried were mind-blowing. I HAD THE BEST SANDWICH I'VE EVER HAD! Sure, I didn't annihilate him at hoops like I talked so much shit about doing but I did flip lids with my domination of Raptor Captor! I was even told that if I could buy a ring (even a plastic number) with our combined tickets, I'd be an engaged woman right now. Outside of slicing my finger open and spurting blood the whole way home...BEST DATE EVER.

Maybe it just seems like we drank, ate, and goofed off...but it was the goofing off that turned my day around. We had a blast together like we were 2 high school kids. We flirted and smooched and...goofed off. We toasted giant beers to my bad day! It was exactly the medicine I needed to put the stomp on my boo-hooing. I am capable of turning bad days around. I usually don't believe in the power of positive thinking but it really came through for me yesterday. And Todd came through with his "ready for anything" attitude. I can't really capture in words what made it such a fun and amazing night. I just felt more at ease and stress free than I have in weeks. Which is pretty damn cool.

Best date ever. Hands down.

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phoebe marie said...

ryan and i went to dave & buster's last night! it was also a great date. he surprised me with it, which was rad in itself. and then add in the amazing food, the games galore, and wow! it was a blast. it's entirely too expensive, but every couple months it's worth it i think.