Friday, October 03, 2008

It's the new sensation and it's here to stay.

Get out of your comas, dust off your lazy bones, put on some pants and celebrate October, and more importantly, HALLOWEEN! Where can you do this so early in the month, ghouls-n-boys? At the Halloween Spooktacular: a group artist show at Low Life Gallery on Waterloo Rd. in Cleveland.

Beachland Ballroom, Music Saves, Shoparooni, and...Low Life! You know how to get there and you KNOW you want to support all things local. So put down that whiskey bottle and stop beating your wife. Come to the Halloween Spooktacular and spend some money on local, Halloween-themed art. The lovely Phoebe Marie has 6 Halloween Dunnys in the show and I have one painting titled "Wasted Life With Disastrous Results" (I was a late entry...thanks Dave...and am not on the flyer). Many (if not all???) works are priced for sale.

And even if you don't buy anything (cheapskates), you can admire it. In FACT you can admire it from tonight through November 3rd. But tonight is the opening reception...from 7:00 to 10:00... so why put it off? I know I'll be there. So be there.

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phoebe marie said...

this was AWESOME. i loved your picture. you looked smokin' hot that night. AND there were cookies and beer. (not to mention a fabulous appearance by carol's booooooooobs!) what a night!
cheers to that and to you and may it be the first on MANY of your art openings i get to attend!