Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I close my eyes to see your determined face.

I just made the sign of the cross. And not at all in a mocking way. Sheeesh.

Right now, at this very moment, Todd is taking his CDL test and I am a wr-r-r-r-reck. I keep catching myself holding my breath and focus is out the window! I'm trying to be patient and positive but I am on edge and have all my fingers and toes crossed. I have total faith that he can pass the test and I've tried to be encouraging. I've just known a lot of guys who have failed...mostly do to the pre-trip inspection...but he knows his shtuff. I don't want him to fail. Not because I'll think of him as a failure because I would NOT. Last night we were rocking some Yahtzee and he asked me if I'd be proud of him if he passed. That's why I want him to...I want him to be proud of himself. ARGH! I just want word. Pass? Fail? WHAT!?!?!

I said I'd bake him a cake if he passed. I'll bake one regardless.

I was already to blog on about some troubling news I received which kept me up ALL night but I'm just too mentally exhausted from thinking about it and too amped from waiting for NEWS! Yesterday should have been a good day...Todd moved in a whole car-load of stuff! Cohabitating is truckin' right along! But all that excitement and awesomeness was just squashed by the big foot of reality. I feel like a fuck-up today. But I'll set it straight. I always do. My ulcer is going to be soooo big and amazing, I can just feel it in my bones. And in my stomach lining.

I have both Veruca Salt and Belly simultaneously playing in my skull.

I think I am going to resurrect my "Picture Of The Day" blog in order to entertain Potsie Shark-Pants, which I feel is my mission in life. I'm just not sure if I want to post a picture/pictures that I take on a daily basis or if I just want to post any picture from my collection (it's a big and entertaining collection that will blow your mind all over your face). I'm hesitant to post a picture that I take every day because what if nothing happens? Do you really want to look at a picture of my foot? And do I want to make them black-n-white like I did last time? Oh the options are overwhelming!! I do NOT need this stress right now!


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