Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cause you're so good so far.

If you missed Family Guy on Sunday, go murder yourself NOW!

We managed to jam-pack a lot of fun, activity and adventure into one tiny and compact weekend so of course, my back is sore, my head aches, my legs feel like lead, and I'm bleeding vaginally. But that last one is a more than welcome ailment. Way to go, Nature!

The Halloween Spooktacular opening at Low Life was more than I could have hoped for. The gallery is nifty and intimate. And all the Halloween/horror/creepy art made me feel right at home. And alright, so I was nervous about how my painting would stand up to the rest of the bunch. An e-mail from the owner telling me he loved it and it anchored a wall nicely helped. Phoebe saying EVERYTHING she said pre/during/post-show helped. Seeing it on the wall from the street helped. Seeing people point at it and say they loved it helped. I'm pround of myself. Now hopefully it sells!

I want a solo show at Low Life more than ANYTHING now and am currently working on that. Everyone's eyes and ears and vaginas will be bleeding once I find out for sure. It will be plastered everywhere and I'll probably be buried alive so I shut up about it. I can handle it. I'm one tuff cookie. Regardless...stay tuned. And on that note, thanks to Todd, Tom and Carol, and Johnny for coming to the opening night reception and being all sexy and supportive. A special thanks to Carol for bringing those BOOBS! And an extra-special thanks to Phoebe for bringing painting back into my life. Filled a major void. I love you and would one day like to cover you in paint. But we can discuss that in private.

Then there was the campout...

The campout was an amazing amount of fun, per usual. We set up camp (Camp Coolsville, I'll call it) and the fellas went fishing. 8 fish in a row (some repeat offenders). There was a scavenger hunt for the kiddies. There was yummy food. There were bad-ass pumpkins. There was a Haunted Forest. There was a romantic/creepy moonlight snuggle by the pond. There were S'Mores. There was my new favorite photo...of Todd and Molly fake burping. And then there was sleeping...and freezing...and my ass turning into an ice-block. But we survived and had fun together. We'll all be back next time. I'll be 31 next time. Eek!

Oh, Talladega? GO SMOKE!

Camping is exhausting so Sunday was lazy. We did make an extensive list of things we want to do around the Ol' Kentucky homestead to make it better-n-brighter-n-more kick-ass (if that's at all possible). It's going from mine to ours and I'm proud to say that we've been accomplishing a lot lately. Like real, live, responsible grown ups! Who knew we had it in us???

Go to Low Life! See my painting! Up until November 3rd!

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