Monday, October 20, 2008

Come on and show me how you work.


Fuck having a cold. And having all your muscles ache and your stomach do flips and your head pound. Fuck congestion and coughing and sore throats. Fuck not being able to sleep and looking at the clock every 30 MINUTES! And super fuck feeling like there's a fishbowl inside your head when you know you have a ten hour work day ahead of you PLUS an art project that's due by the week. FUCK all of THAT. I really don't mean to be a potty mouth. I miss my bed and my snuggle bug. F!!!

Yesterday we're cruising from Todd's parents house to my house. Sorry. OUR house formerly known as MY house. The kid now knows that he's moving in to Ol' Kentucky Shark territory and he's pumped, or so I hear. Back to cruising. The kid is desperately trying to get his dad's attention and he says, " Lacey going to be my step-mom?". And Todd said, "Yes she is". I, of course, told the child that I would be no one's step-mom until I had a diamond on my digit. Todd said maybe he's take him along to pick it out. I warned him not to pick anything hideous. It was a really funny family-ish moment. Oh...after learning that I'd be his step-mom one day, he said "YEA!!!". I predicted confusion, upset, possibly blood and tears. This reaction was far more satisfactory. Things are falling into place and I LIKE IT.

What I DON'T like is living so far from Rebecky.

Becky thinks that she's boring because any time anyone comes to visit, they fall asleep. It is NOT due to boredom in the least. I think people just feel so comfortable around her and in her home...and she treats everyone so well...pumps us full of beer and food and love. It's hard not to feel at ease. And when you feel at fall asleep. And you sleep through the WHOLE night! Then you come back home and you can't sleep miss Becky. Le sigh.

I could keep blathering about how I have to finish my Plushform, work on my martini girl painting, work on "the love chamber" before the shelves get put up, finishing "Taste Like Poison" before practice...and I could rattle on about how bananas I am for Todd because I'm really bananas about him at this moment it time. But I have a cold or flu or some sort of malady and I think my stomach wants to expel it's insides...which consist of M&Ms and cough syrup. So I'm going to ditch and mope until I can get back into my cocoon/burrito.

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