Monday, September 29, 2008

I'll be coming for your love anyway.

Remember how I questioned feeling old because I was so psyched about getting new appliances? Like I was Little Betty Home-Maker? should have seen me yesterday when we went to Target together and picked out curtains, hung the curtains, and admired the curtains!!!Psyched...and elderly. But hey, if we're both pumped about said curtains and it made us both happy for a moment in time, I don't care how old I felt. We're being hermits. We're nesting. We're building a life together...and that life included picking out curtains. I bet the neighbors are thrilled!! *blush*

I finished my first improved version of the chick eating her own stomach. It's at the gallery waiting for the Halloween Spooktacular to open. Todd and I both agreed that it was kind of sad to look at the easel and have it be empty. Sigh. It may not have been my BEST painting but it certainly wasn't my worst. And most importantly, it made me laugh. It turned out pretty much how I imagined it would and I worked very hard. Might have put a little too much pressure on myself but because I did, I accomplished what I set out to do. I'm going to give myself a high matter how awkward that might look.

In other artsy news, Phoebe, my biggest supporter and chill companion, sponsored me to paint a Plushform for some benefit they're doing at Shopparoni (50% of profits go to some children's charity...I know it has "ninjas" in the title so what could be cooler?). I am so super psyched. It was such a sweet thing for her to do. Not sure exactly what I'm going to do with my Plushform. My mind is all about skunks these days (oh armpit skunk...with all the overtime Im clocking, you're destined to be mine...after the bills are paid, of course). We'll see, I guess. It's just another awesome thing for me to do while being a hermit/nesting. I'm getting my art on, Todd's doing home improvements. Love it. Hardcore.

Made my first lasagna yesterday. Total hit. NESTING!

So that's pretty much all I had to jaw about. Good, solid weekend. Celebrated Tom and Carol's 14th wedding anniversary on Friday by drinking beer out of a plastic boot and eating killer bar food. Hit a family function (at Winking Lizard...boss) on Saturday, watched a really MESSED UP movie that I didn't want to watch (I almost pouted) and ended up liking. Got up early on Sunday and accomplished SO MUCH (painting, cleaning, laundry, dishes, shopping)! Feels good deep down in my core...especially when I got 2 new Moofia!! Watched cartoons and crashed. THE END.

Enjoy your Monday. If that's even possible.

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