Wednesday, September 10, 2008

There's times that I wonder if you remember.

Before I start spewing love and blood all over your laps and/or faces and into your eyeballs and/or ears (if someone is reading this to you like a bedtime story)...and believe me, this is going to be nothing but gushing about how in lurve I am (with a little triple X action thrown in) so if you're a major hater, turn back now...I have to say the following to one of the hottest bitches in Cleveland:


Also, that should be our band's first album.

Also, we should start a band and make an album.

Now back to the cartoon hearts and bubbles and "XOXO" and romancin' your pants off. Man, you're going to wish I was still rollilng around in a shit-filled pool of self-pity and misery once you're done reading. I'm a happy clam and my clam is happy, too, and I insist on sharing it with the whole flipping world like some people would their Herpes. That really isn't aimed at anyone specific. Herpes is my go-to STD. Regardless...I even got the A-OK to spill the sticky-sweet details from the man of the house, who is not a blog fan. But he'll support this...cause it gives him a big, fat, pat on the back for being an awesome boyfriend! A literary smack on his ass, if you will. So here comes the MOOSH!

Monday sucked, as Monday's tend to do, especially when it's your first day back to work after surgery. I'm just going to say that things did not go well and I was dragging my corpse around my place of employment...I wasn't ready to go back to work. My body wasn't ready. It was just ready to hurt and cry. I did a lot of complaining to the boyfriend, not expecting what I got when I came home. He was waiting for me at the door, all smiley and adorable. We laid down on the couch and shot the breeze...he was really happy to see me, which microwaved my heart. He told me he had a little evening planned for us but we had to wait until it got dark...hmmmmm. We cracked a few cold ones (incredibly stupid since I KNEW I was dehydrated to the MAX) and stood in the kitchen, talk-talk-talking. "Learn To Love" was on today's date on the calendar. "I Heart My Cupcake" was on the dry-erase board. He told me what his INITIAL plan was for our evening...which takes a little back-trackin':

Saturday we were SUPPOSED to go see Nine Pound Hammer. We didn't. Well, we WENT to The Jigsaw but we didn't see them. And it was the fault of one of us...the one that isn't ME! It caused a fairly glorious spat. I think couples need to have them from time to sometimes helps you set your priorities. Regardless...his initial plan was to get Nine Pound Hammer CDs and 24oz. PBR cans so we could stand around the living room, pretending we were at the show. Him just TELLING ME THAT was uber-romantic (I was not shocked that he couldn't find Nine Pound Hammer CDs...though if he had looked in my collection...). He recognized that he screwed up. That's all I needed.

But that's not all I got! Moving Mooshville...

We watched Family Guy, as we like to do, and held hands, which I like to do. It's my "go-to" comfort mechanism. I felt like we had just started dating...we were all goofy about each other. So finally...Todd decides it's dark enough for "our little evening". I go upstairs and there are candles all over the bathroom...even in the shower. I'm not a super girly-girl but it was dang perty! So we hope in the XXX yet...and I just washed the stress of my day away. We were totally in love and awesome and I forgot why it had been such a bad day. He were beyond happy...he told me he could promise me a lifetime of "this" and I accepted. We may have rough patches but overall, he knows how to take my pain away. Oh! Did I mention the part where he brought 2 beers INTO the shower??? My face ached from smiling and laughing so much.

Then the shower was over. Frown.

So we go into the Tomb Room which is pitch black and what do I hear? Crack! Crack! Crack! All sorts of blue glow sticks illuminating the room!! If you really know me, you know that my heart throbs for things that Cedar Point, I always had to have one million glow necklaces and I would try to preserve them in the freezer as long as I could. So a mammoth smile was PLASTERED across my face! And the treats kept coming...he bought me a Hot Wheel (we collect), we bought mini-Snickers (which I orgasm for), and he bought me a card shaped like an eyeball, telling me he was sorry for upsetting me over the weekend. I asked him why he was doing all of this...hesaid he screwed things up and upset me and loves me and this is what he should be doing. Or something like that. I fell in love all over again.

Insert XXX here.

So that's the story of why my boyfriend is so much better that your boyfriend. I didn't need a whole day full of romancin' and pampering but I would never turn it down from him. He was so genuinely excited to do everything he did...and I was so genuinely excited BY everything he did. I changed what my favorite part of the evening was every 5 seconds. I think it truthfully might have been when he said if he found a magic lamp, he would use his wishes to undo specific things that hurt my I think I can finally forgive him. He loves me. We're going to be a family.


In other news...PFG...2 sets...At Witz End...Friday.


phoebe marie said...

that is ADORABLE! oh, i just love your Double D. he is precious.

by silly boyfriend did the ryan equivalent of that the other day when he sent me a text message apologizing for something and promising to "fix it" by the time he returns from tour. it wasn't all candles and romance, but it was the exact thing i needed and my heart just melted. like it does.

anyhow. why am i doing this? i'm going to see you in like less than an hour. and i think i blew my hilarious wad on myspace messages. so this is like, especially pointless. oops.

sorry for wasting time.

Anonymous said...

YES rollerskating double date!
YES our album name!
YES our band!!!!!!!
let's do it.

i love that things are like this with you. it rules. and for once, i can read along with someone without feeling bitter, jealous, depressed, etc because I CAN RELATE EXACTLY! it's so exciting. it almost makes me puke.

i hope to see you soon...